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WARNING THIS PAGE IS EYE STRAINY IF YOU HAVE CONDITIONS PERTAINING TO IDK JUST CLICK OFF I DONT WANT YOU TO HAVE A SEIZURE OR DIE. i will try to not use foul language (one per entry) to improve linguitics lasagna whatever exquistely amongus i guess thatll be a fun challenge if anything. heavily inspired by toastytech.com, go check out his site its a classic.


pinterest features id appreciate if pinterest was more tolerable

alright, so nobody hates pinterest more than those who use it alot. but to use alot, you gotta have a reason. first off is the cool UI thing where if you hold down on a pin it brings up a wheel of options to swipe on its just really nice. let me grab a screenshot.

i saw some users saying its removed for them so i hope it doesnt happen (oh or better yet but we all know itll never happen for anything; a toggle for it!). it is just something i appreciate though (not the collage/scissors icon though i cant get rid of it and i kept accidentally saving things there).

okay the next one is the fact you can narrow your search so you can find results based off hair and skintone, i think stuff like this is awesome, so you can find products, inspo, tips and styles for yourself.

unfortunately alot of other things arent as easy to use like again i wouldnt care i just dont like how they force crop images and compress way too much and also theyre annoying okay i need to stop saying i wouldnt care if xyz because theres too much like minor (or major... like getting an account banned wrongly sucks) stuff that piles up lol. like damn i just wanna sort images why toy with UI and features that worked fine? i guess its just a constant battle of farming this and that off users and looking productive i dont know im tired rn.

ibis paint and visual studio code does what i want it to (cool)

ibis paint does what i want to with little hassle, i have used it for years. i was happy to pay them because i have used it for almost a decade and its improved so much in that time. i dont know if the ads have gotten worse or better for people who havent paid (i understand if that turns people off from using it) but idk i just like ibis paint. i know people like other mobile programs for art and editing, but i just like ibis because i can do both, and on my phone. it isnt as customisable as paint.net (if you like stuff with plugins and specific use but ibis i use for general mobile editing and art) but it comes with most things youll want in an art program at least as someone who isnt like too deep on digital art like idk much about PC programs dedicated to art lol. but if youre on phone i reccomend trying it. theres a community around it and they make brushes or you can even share your art.

okay again visual code studio does what i want it to, actually i like it more than using the editor neocities has, and its free and yeah not much else to say. i didnt know about it until i was looking at some tutorials to get back into making the site, but if you make sites, definitely look into VSC its actually so helpful.

what makes products good is that its gets the task done without hassle, isn't fighting users, and tries its best like thats it lol no complaints even if it isnt perfect.

one of the many sims 4 mechanics

i dont really care because i dont play the sims often and dont plan to and maybe this has been updated maybe not but it is/has been a thing, but i just need to mention this amazing piece of game logic. so basically sims are stupid and set fires making grilled cheese. in the sims 4, getting set on fire has a chance to create a fear, and that fear is there until you do an action that might get rid of it. now if the sim has a fear of fire they get scared when other sims are on fire and wont put them out with a fire extinguisher or anything and they cant put themselves out. so im trying to get my sims to cook and learn, and they eventually all get scared of fire except one sim (thankfully the main chef). luckily i bought a fire alarm so the firefighters get there but its kind of dumb, and i dont know how to make my sim not scared (which is to get them to put out a fire in a controlled environment but idk where and quit before trying to search how lol) but the thing is... the fears come back???? the fact they come back is annoying because now my sims are always paranoid about cheating no matter how many times i made my sims bond and talk, and most of them cant cook for shit so when they try on their own so theyre always catching on fire.

one of the most obnoxious sites of the decade

honestly the amount of spam is appalling, and i'm pretty pissed off right now. i swear anything to do with pinterest pisses me off. so i check my gmail for once in my life. lets have a look at a SLICE of what bullshit their bot and whoever sends

this shit is in the span of a week. basically pinterest is lazy and uses AI or not allowing you to search anything because that will totally get those bad actors... not like i see awful accounts get off scott free while innocous things get muted, removed, if you are lucky they are reinstated to add extra spam to your inbox, and the people who dare PIN it, not even the uploader are the ones who get punished. checking the pinterest subreddit there are often people who are falsely banned, and of course pinterest doesn't care because their priority is in figuring out what aesthetic people are looking up, refusing to restore accounts of innocent people, and compressing the shit out of everything. anyways lets continue.

okay first off, how the fuck am i supposed to know if its about something I MADE or PINNED? second of all this is kind of funny. well, all the best of luck to bill to find the hundreds and thousands of edits of his i love my girlfriend graphic people make of their favourite characters. lol i did it too sorry mr hudak.

well, as i do not consistently use pinterest anymore, i hope blocking them works. i am tired of it, i do not upload anything malicious or gross, neither do i try to pin that kind of content. not getting harrassed by the robots ever again. i hate pinterest.

generational labelling

a couple years ago i thought people would chill with this stuff, but i guess people have doubled down. you can see my rant below getting angry at the notion that you should invest in EMOTIONAL INTIMACY as a trend, and to the youth (which many are lonely and still navigating their social life and feelings etc) which i think is plain scummy, idiotic and dystopian. now i am not going to lie, sometimes it is funny to poke fun at other generations (or to some your own), but i think in general the labelling is doing more harm than good.

its generalising, ineffective at solving problems, and i think it kind of dehumanises people. for example, people who are very young, are getting targetted ("generation alpha" are literal kids, if you are not helping and supporting them then why are you trying to start beef or act superior?), and people my age are getting mad at "millenials" without trying to understand the wider context of the situation, older people are complaining about kids without trying to understanding them at all. i don't know. people are people. i think the problem these days (maybe all days in history i dont know) is that people don't want to get to know other people as people and talk to them. it's easier to pass people off as a caricature and move on i guess. i notice i used to do it alot, but im trying to be more curious. i think curiosity and compassion goes a long way (or simply not interacting).

another reason i don't like big outrages like this is that its easy for powerful people with malicious intent (or content farmers lol) to take it, turn it into something serious, then use it to say and do whatever they want and manipulate us. i think we are more in this together than we think, because i see people who complain about kids' poor behaviour, but alot of adults show the same behaviour, i think we are all fucked in some way shape or form by the same stuff. but also we are all very different, i don't have the same life, opinions, interests etc as another 17 year old.

i often see in the scrolls of great philosophy and truths, the social media comment sections, "i don't belong in this generation, people my age SUCK" which i think is sad. i dont harbour hate towards people who say that at all, i just think theyd have a better outlook if they werent made to feel outcasted in some way. i don't know its a complicated topic i can't tackle every instance of people saying that because again everyone has their own reasons and life and such.

in conclusion; generational labelling manufactures out of proportion outrage and is annoying, i know what a fucking floppy disk is


need i say more? im not clicking it, if you do then all the power to you and the videos analytics i dont care its just annoying, but god forbid you say its annoying, ill end up in one of the videos and im out to cancel you and im woke because i said things like this are annoying. ok ill shut up now and move on because theres nothing better than scrolling on or clicking "uninterested". and no i don't care about if you watch anime that isn't the point i just find clickbait like this annoying.

itchy scars

make it stop


black liquorice is awesome idgaf man i get why old people get addicted to it and die of heart attacks (search it up). fr find yourself not able to eat for any reason right like everything tastes like cardboard, youve probably puked your guts out before for whatever reason or things just dont hit ok maybe im being specific but whatever just take random pills and theres a chance youll be afflicted ANYWAYS liquorice is there and its the only salvation in the real world and its like yummmm and then the next day when you are fine the liquorice is still there it is still yummy it is the best i love liquorice


"YOU CANT PUT MILK IN THAT!!!!!" ummm yes i can and i will and i will put whatever i want in my tea, i love drinking chamomile (ITS NOT JUST BC LYDIA FROM BRBA OK I GEN DID THIS BEFORE WATCHING) and earl grey (fun fact lydia doesnt seem to like earl grey lol) with milk man i will do it again and again and again. you cannot stop me. in fact the evil gremlin in my head right now is telling me "i wonder what lemon in chamomile tastes like" mwahahahahahahah


this a good rant, i really like the customisation, and plugins, and it does what i want it to do thats it really i dont have much else to say which is great.good editing tool IMO, but i get if people have other preferences

gen z marketing

blocky obnoxious colors (guys its awesome because uhh color theory guysss i just learnt what contrasting colours are!!11), environmental fad of the week, not so environmental fad of the month, relatability, deception/blending in with normal users, just really annoying stuff.

oh and

CORE CORE AESTHETIC AESTHETIC COREEEE GUYS LOOK THE PEOPLE ARE SEARCHING KYSCORE KEEP YOURSELF SAFE CORE ITS TIME TO PRETEND WE WANT PEOPLE TO KEEP THEMSELVES SAFE, GUYS GET IN ON THIS SHIT SOMETHING SOMETHING hey guys weve collected data that young people type KYS AND KMS to others, signalling their drive and carnal desire to keep themselves and others safe, blablablabla heres some advice to abuse peoples ideaologies and psychology

ugh look at this its so pathetic, its apart of pinterests trend forecast i hate it so much thats why i made this page


have you considered making an actually decent product and advertisement? and putting them somewhere sensible? there were times a wide audience would willingly look at an ad in their own time because it was entertaining. whatever, jarvis approve the elon musk deepfake telling people to invest in scam crypto, throw in some anime feet while youre at it.

spotify playlists/wrapped

i think my perfect job is at spotify, making curated playlists (whatever isnt it all algorithms i swear i go into a playlist and its just algorithms feeding you whatever they think you wanna hear) but seriously its just like "hey kids i heard youre a homosexual and gen z i know what you like listening to because im so smart and homosexual is obviously a genre" its so dumb or like whatever is used as background noise slop on tiktok for the month.

and what the hell is "pov:indie"????? just call it indie or independant, what the hell, and again with the cores like leave music and lesbians (or at least me, idgaf what you listen to) alone. anyways feel free to cringe at the image below

pov: i just crashed my car into a tree and died and reincarnated as an aesthetic war criminal vibes (tropes: enemies to lovers), girlsepsiscore something something situationship

card only, no cash accepted here because we are stupid

fuck you, have fun the next time optus poops out


again i do not feel bad for having an adblocker (if i had money rn i would use the thanks button, or donate as i have before for creators), the ads are horrendous and i don't care that i'm wasting their bandwidth either in fact i hope i am wasting alot of bandwidth in alot of places. besides that, youtube is a valuable thing that just gets ruined, the algorithm is a closed loop, demonitised content is still littered with ads (they just dont pay the creator), copyright trolling on all ends is rampant, horrible behaviour is permitted (granted you make youtube money), AI content farms are taking over everything, and i find some people's ways of emotionally manipulating their viewers and exploiting current situations really horrible. all the free features get stolen and chucked into the premium while premium goes up but they don't actually make like new features for it its usually just stealing from free features. there are oceans of bots that comment whatever yet you cant comment jackshit most the time.

not to mention the relentless attacks from google on competition and adblockers, its just idiotic, and won't acchieve much. boohoo you cant actually make infinite growth sustainable without eating yourself alive good job. i cant say i dont use google services like google slides/docs etc are pretty alright (whats funny is google slides has features unavailable to people who use a CHROMEBOOK LMFAO) but its good to know theres backups if anything gets too awful.

people will make the argument that google doesnt want those of us who get pissed off to use their services, and that the majority of people put up with things and yes thats true but i dont care lol and i urge people to do whatever they want so their browsing experience is tolerable

comment sections

its just horrendous. comment sections, mainly ones for short form content shouldn't be the holy grounds for in depth discussion, you cannot even type over 100 characters, your comment will probably be hidden and people are just viscious and looking for a way to look better than you through any means. if youre on pinterest then consider yourself lucky if there is a comment section on half the pins. seriously though i hate how shortform content has become like the public square for serious discussion, its a platform designed AGAINST the kind of environment that produces meaningful and respectful conversation. i think its why im so quick to assume people assume things about anything anyone says because of the shit people say in comment sections.

death threats

a quick easy painless death is a privelege, i hope some people live a long time, maybe even become immortal. think about it. i wish people a normal day because chances are a normal day isn't particularly anything new or exciting or stimulating.

flavoured milk

wishing those who come up with flavours based off sweets and icy poles and stupid things a normal day. bring back lime milk though, why is there zooper dooper milk and not lime raiders milk ugh (australian things)


aranea was the best character imo and i dont care i regret reading it like all this reading and for what, also i think of myself as fairly tolerant and understanding when it comes to actually interacting with other people but i cant stand homestuckers because once they told my sister all about buckets and weird things while i was interested in homestuck as a kid so thanks for ruining that and making it weird you freak. ofc the thing you had to talk to someone in public about was how the trolls recreate. i hate you.


stop telling me what to do if you do nangs and dont understand the consequences of inhalants i dont hate you or think im better than you i suck just dont tell me what to do


i like free things, i think people argue about ethics alot but the truth is you can be a freeloader AND contribute to media preservation at the same time. only time i'll really preach about whatever is that you should help other people, whether it be seeding or giving people a hand/advice because for many piracy is more of a nessessity rather than a convenience/message etc


i dont care. i dont feel bad, im not turning it off, i dont care if im stealing, infact i hope i am, everytime i go on my phone i remember why i have the plugin in the first place. i do not like the disgusting and low effort (or malicious) content of the ads, i do not want to look at the ads, i do not like how these ads are served, i do not like the tracking used for the ads. hey protip, if you want to spy on your household (who doesnt bother to turn tracking off), just turn your adblock off and observe! i should have realised why there were so many dating app ads alongside whatever someone in the house has obviously looked at to get groceries online. what an odd world we live in.

bro scrolled to the end wtf