vel's burrow

about me / thoughts / infodump / rants

welcome to my site. its kinda just for me to do whatever. but welcome regardless. this is an ongoing work in progress, so things are constantly getting updated, also updated alot cause im typing stuff.

12 December 2023

finished about me page. contact info can be found here.

11 December 2023

added rants. warning if you are sensitive to eyestrain or strong language. have fun otherwise ig or no fun i dont know

10 December 2023

aight added and will continue work on infodump, which is just where i ramble about specific topics and interests like idk vanessa fnaf lol, i cleaned up thoughts, now whats left to do is ooonnee dayy (not really my priority rn) to fix up the music section and spruce up the playlists. what ill probably end up making the obligatory unreadable rant section (to complain about pinterest), and a proper about me page so i can put my socials on there. i will need to rethink the media section, idk what im thinking with that, ill focus on it later.

27 September 2022

btw if u wanna contact me, i am fly#6112 on discord!

26 September 2022

most content is in thoughts btw but its also where i go kinda cray so its all g if ur like fck u i dont wanna read but yeah theres even a player inthe corner i made a playlist, and when im not gonna fail english ill work on making music section functional.

18 September 2022

Okay second day. i'm happy i've learnt alot, and what i want to do is learn more CSS to improve the layout. the homepage will serve as site updates and such, so what i'll do today is create the thoughts section so i can spill whatever there. i then want to make a mediatab so i can share music, shitposts, and maybe fandom stuff who knows. oohhh you know what would be cool to learn, like drop down thingies like in google sites when u click on the thing to actually show it. so yeah lol a few things to add.
also vel is shortening of a handle i had, so if you know me irl that's why that's there. i didn't want my full handle but i also didn't want my irl name there

hello its future me so i added the music page and working on the thoughts one. i really like working on the site its like free therapy. also fuckkk cant upload mp3 or 4 files so probs not webms either and thats fine ig........ yeah this is still a file dump site but in a small way and worst case i can move elsewhere so i dont really care

wait hold up lemme try this hahaha

bro i am bigbrain ok not really but if there's a will there's a way alright this is aweosme i can upload all my discord memes now

17 September 2022

Welcome to my site. I'm not really sure what to address myself as; I dont' particularly want to use my real name, and I don't really want to use any existing online names either. I guess we can figure that out later. Anyways, this is a seocnd attempt at learning html and css. My intent is to make this into a little blog of thoughts and anything I'm working on. I'm going through some tutorials right now, so sorry for any random messes at the start. waitthis can be like pinterest except i can interact and be percieved by even less people sounds awesome ngl hell yeah im workign on this see like healthygamergg said grinding skills for active exp see see.

  1. a numbered list
  2. top ten peepeepoopoo

ok want to see like a link now bc the tut teaches me to

ok what about images

im wondering what i should put in here. before iworry about how itll look i should think about content. i think i want to make this a kind of personal site. i think i want to make pages for specific things so one page for shitposts, onefor diary entries, one for content review, one or random stuff etc etc.