idk i like things a normal amount and in a normal way

vel's infodump hell

testing testing

idk dont feel like learning tumblr and im scared of ppl idk why i just am when it comes to interests so im here to gush and ramble about whatever i want lolol. also pinterest suckkks i cant even archive basic images properly on there im so maddddd but it is what it is. no i dont want to go on twitter or instagram either. i dont even think im better than anyone for not using those services, im just genuinely scared of people. i didnt used to be and its not even like i get into drama, its more like ive seen some crazy things in the past. i dont wanna interact with some ppl and i overthink, i get paranoid and id rather overshare and be stupid on my own site than someone else's. however, still feel free to contact me, ill add an about me page soon, its more like the platforms and the amount of people im more afraid of!